Painting titles usually come easily to me.  Most of the time, the title pops into my head, while putting the initial drawing on the paper. In this case, a good title really never occurred to me. So “Nine Fifteen” becomes the title, only because it was 9:15 when I began setting up to do this painting.   "Nine Fifteen" - watercolor plein air landscape painting of Vermont by Tony Conner

The scene is along Murphy Hill Road, beyond Sally Gannon Road.  The scene in the painting is still in Shaftsbury, Vermont, but close enough to the border that you could probably throw a rock into New York State.  Here the view is toward the south. The sun is bright but a bit weak and at a low angle, even at this hour of the morning.

The painting has all of the typical elements of a rural winter scene – barns, silo, tree lines and individual trees.  Seemingly, a title would be easy.  Perhaps it is because the subject elements are so typical that the title was difficult. Or it’s simply because the actual subject of the painting is the light and I already have too many paintings with the word “light” in title.

Red Dot_Sold copySorry, this painting has been sold.