Painting is 7 1/2″ x 11″, matted and mounted to 11″ x 14″ for easy, low-cost framing.  Shipping is $6.95 to any US address.

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Like a canary among a flock of snowbirds!

It’s hard to resist splash of color on a winter day. Whitman’s is the name of the company that owns the storage silos in the background. A good portion of their business deals in bulk feed and seed for farms. Their business keeps rail cars – constantly moving in and out so you never know what you will find.Color In Winter - watercolor plein air landscape painting by Tony Conner

On this bright day, there sat a bright yellow covered hopper standing out against a sea of blue and gray – the color note I’ve been seeking without knowing!

It happens that this painting was done at a familiar location where I’ve painted before. Like other watercolor paintings done during cold winter weather, this one was also done “du siege avant”.

It’s been hard to find color in the landscape this winter.  Deep snow has covered all the fields to the point that even the tall weed stems don’t show through anymore.  Patches of forest all look gray from a distance and brown close up. Most days have been cloudy – even when it is not snowing.  It has very much been a winter of gray, white and blue.

New YearsDay watercolor plein air sketch by Tony Conner

Watercolor sketch from New Years Day 2015

It has been long winter – seemingly. Really though, winter started off mild, it wasn’t even a white Christmas here.  The watercolor sketch to the left was done on New Years day – not a bit of snow to be found.  My calendar is noted that it was 40 degrees on January 4th.  Very cold weather arrived a few days later. It has been above freezing only a couple of days since.

The heavy snow didn’t really arrive until the end of January – not even three weeks ago. Perhaps the perception of time is affected by cold temperatures and snow – the colder and snowier, the slower time seems to pass.