Painting is 5″ x 21″

This is a studio painting done as part of a series of work themed “Sacred Vantages”.  The painting is done based on sketches and observations done in and around the Mettowee Valley in southwestern Vermont.  The Mettowee Valley is a broad, flat valley. The mountains that form and shelter it are low and are gently wavy along the tops.

Clouds & Sun II - original watercolor landscape painting by Tony Conner

It is equally great for landscape as well as skyscape paintings.  The sky can be very dramatic and the low mountains are a terrific foil for majestic looking skies.

The subject of the painting is a summer day when clouds were building up over the mountains, towering over and casting a dappling of dark shadows on the mountains below. The composition was done in “panoramic” format – a lot of width with a proportionally small amount of  height. This format helps to balance the dominance of the towering clouds.

Red Dot_Sold_smallSorry, this painting is sold.