Color In Watercolor

Online Class To Help You Get The Most From Color

Thursdays, May 6 – June 24, 2021 – 6 to 8pm – Class Fee $400

In this class you’ll learn about the color, simple color schemes, the characteristics of color and how to take a deliberate approach to color choice and placement in your paintings.  This class will give you a good foundation of knowledge and a set of simple ideas for using color effectively in your paintings.

 Class Info

Each class includes some pre-class work that is submitted for instructor critique, the in-class work and access to a recording of each class.


Class meets online via Zoom 

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 Class Info

Each class includes some pre-class work that is submitted for instructor critique, the in-class work and access to a recording of each class.

Class Overview

Week 1 – Color Basics – This week we introduce and the basics of color and explore the possibilities of limited color palettes using “primary colors” to create beautiful, harmonius color wheels.

Week 2 – Simple Color Schemes – Learn the handful of simple color schemes that artists have used as the basis for great paintings for centuries.

Week 3 – The Characteristics of Color: Value – Out of the Four Characteristics of Color, Value has perhaps the most expressive power and is of most importantance in composition.

Week 4 – Characteristics of Color: Temperature – Color Temperature is a difficult concept because it is a very relative measure. It is easiest understood and applied in specific ways that enhance our perception of space, distance and form in a painting.

Week 5 – Characteristics of Color: Chroma – Like Temperature, Chroma is a difficult concept but can also be applied in specific ways, especially to create visual interest, activate focal areas and also show light and form.

Week 6 – Visual Interest – We’ll use the Characteristics of Color to create visual interest at Focal Points,  help the eye move through the painting and also place areas of quiet.

Week 7 – Composing With Color – This week we learn to make deliberate decisions about color and color characteristics when planning our compositions.

Week 8 – Pulling It Together – Our final week will be one we spend trying to apply the lessons from previous weeks. You’ll work on a composition of your own with a methodical, step-by-step approach to help organize and clarify your thinking and process.


Class Conducted On ZOOM

The online class is conducted via ZOOM videoconference service.  ZOOM link can be found on the class page upon completion of registration.



Download a comprehensive suggested watercolor materials list. Use it as a guide – no need to purchase everything on the list. Working with what you are used to will help your learning.  I’ll make suggestions for good supplementary materials during class.

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About The Instructor

Tony Conner is an accomplished watercolorist and and experienced instructor. His  energetic approach to teaching and enthusiasm for the watercolor medium are combined to create classes that are both fun and informative.  He excels at providing information and insights to individual students – meeting them where they are and helping them get to where they want to go.

Professional Memberships

  • Signature Member - New England Watercolor Society
  • Signature Member - Vermont Watercolor Societies
  • Artist Member - Salmagundi Club
  • Artist Member - North Shore Arts Association

Tony works from his studio in Bennington, Vermont.

What Other Students Say

I've take several workshops, some taught by prominent and well-known artists. Tony's was, by far, the best in it's quality, approach and teaching style. The small class formate facilitated learning.” - Jane C. , Setauket, NY

Of all the instructors I have seen, you are the most informative. Your method of teaching is so easy to follow and absorb. I wish I lived close enough to attend your classes. You are also a very patient, approachable person . All excellent, Tony!” - Catherine M. , Ontario, CN

I have learned more in this two-day workshop, than in all other watercolor classes I’ve taken” - Rita S. , MA

" Thought there was a perfect balance between theory & practice.  The points you wanted to stress were given clearly & concisely.  You are so passionate about your work.  I have come home energized & enthusiastic - which is exactly what I wanted from the workshop.  " - S. H., Saline, MI

"I've taken several watercolor workshops, some taught by prominent and well known artists. Tony's workshop was by far the best in its quality, approach, and teaching style. The small class format facilitated learning." - J. C., Setauket, NY

" Tony is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher who shares with warmth and humor" - J. M, Astoria, NY

" Overall, the three days were amazing. I find myself looking at everything in terms of value. " - A. C., Bloomfield, NJ

"...but, Tony Conner has thought of it all, organized it perfectly, and made it fun and inspiring." - G. B., New York, NY