Composition For Watercolor Painting

Learn To Create Powerful, Dynamic Paintings With Simple Composition Ideas

Tuesdays, 6:00 – 8:00 Eastern, March 9 – April 27, 2021

Class Fee – $400


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Composition simply means putting things together. You are already composing your paintings whether you think you are or not. This course shows how to compose – or put together – various elements of painting into dynamic, eye-catching arrangements.

Class Info

Each class includes some pre-class work that is submitted for instructor critique, the in-class work and access to a recording of each class.

Weekly Class Schedule and Topic Overview

Week 1 – Linear Framework – All paintings have an underlying structure of lines that divide the picture plane. This underlying structure can help or hurt the strength of the composition. We’ll look at the underlying structure in a famous work and in one of our own. We’ll also explore the concept of the Golden Mean – an important tool for used by artists for centuries.

Week 2 – Direction – Lines, whether the underlying structural lines or actual lines and edges in our paintings have direction. This direction contributes to rhythm, movement and action in our paintings. We’ll look at the three directions and discover what each contributes to a painting composition.

Week 3 – Value Structure and Patterns – The pattern of light, dark and mid-value shapes and their relationship to each other is arguably the most important factor in the strength of a painting composition. This week, we introduce a simple method of separating planes of space with value and strengthening our compositions at the same time.

Week 4 – Color – Color and value are two facets of the same element. Practically speaking, they are tightly inter-related as a change in one immediately affects the other. But, they also bring different qualities and have different effects in a painting. This week we go over the basics of color and what color brings to a painting.

Week 5Focal Point – This week, we learn more ways to bring attention to the main subject in our paintings using contrast, complexity and visual direction markers.

Week 6 – Visual Interest – We’ll work with three important design principles to create both harmony and unity while also introducing visual interest.

Week 7 – Other Value Structures – The “3/3 Value System” from week 3 is not the only way construct your underlying value pattern. This week, we introduce a few more that work well for many subjects.

Week 8 – Pulling It Together – Our final week will be one we spend trying to apply the lessons from previous weeks. You’ll work on a composition of your own with a methodical, step-by-step approach to help organize and clarify your thinking and process.

Class Conducted On ZOOM

The online class is conducted via ZOOM videoconference service.  ZOOM link can be found on the class page upon completion of registration.

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