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Gold, Green, Gray – watercolor seascape painting

“Gold, Green, Gray” – 10" x 13" I have thing for rocks and water. The area around Gloucester, Massachusetts is known as Cape Ann. The entire area is full of paintable scenes with endless variety of subject ocean and nautical subject matter.  While I enjoy all of those...

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South Creek – en plein air watercolor landscape painting

“South Creek” – 7" x 11" Hazy light on a hazy morning in the Adirondacks. South Creek is a shallow, slow moving stream that provides access to some larger lakes in the area.  This summer morning provided a glimpse of seasons to come, with a weak light and a hazy...

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Heron Pond – en plein air watercolor landscape painting

“Heron Pond” – 11" x 15" Heron Pond is one of the many lakes and ponds in the Paul Smith's College Visitors Interpretation Center (VIC).  This scene was painted during the 2018 Adirondacks Plein Air Festival. The light on this wet, showery morning seemed to intensify...

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