When You Buy From An Artist.

It is my great privilege to sell most of my paintings direct to my buyers – many of whom purchase online. Purchasing direct, online helps me because it saves the cost of  framing, transport, inventory, promotion and gallery commissions. In return, you get a really good deal on a piece of original artwork.

Beyond getting a good deal, you’ll be

–  supporting a working artist

–  enriching your own life by owning a unique creation you can enjoy every day

–  creating a long-lasting legacy for your family

– getting in on the ground-floor of a great investment

Oh, and by the way

– if it doesn’t match the drapes, there is a money-back guarantee!


Concerned About Buying Art Online?

How can I be certain it's good?

Many people are hesitant to trust their own judgement when it comes to art.  If you have enjoyed looking at paintings for any length of time, your eye is probably more sophisticated than you believe. So, if you think it’s good, it probably is.

The more important question, when it comes to a piece of art is: “Does it speak to you?”   If a painting reminds you of a familiar scene, a pleasant memory or, even better, stirs you in a way that is not describable with words, then it is a “good” painting.

Is it really worth the price?

On one level, each and every piece of art created is unique, and could be considered priceless, which makes any actual cost nominal.  And, it is impossible to place a price on the pleasure and inspiration you receive when you look at the work and when you share the work with others.

Don’t forget that artwork is long-lasting – every piece, once created takes on it’s own life and has it’s own legacy.  Think of all the famous works of art you know or have seen. Chances are, they have far outlasted their creators.  The same will be true of work created recently, by living artists.

And of course, by owning a piece of art, you are contributing to and investing in the life, struggle and output of the artist who created the work. This graphic says it well:

When You Buy From An Artist.

Does it seem worth the price now?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Wasn’t what you expected? Not the right colors? Doesn’t match the drapes?

Whatever the reason, any original painting or limited edition print purchased is backed by a 30 day guarantee. Simply return the work in good condition for a full refund of your purchase price. Sorry, but I can’t refund shipping costs.

To return a painting or item:

1) Please let me know you are returning an item.  Phone: 802-375-5548  Email: tc@tonyconner.com

2) For valuable items, it is best to get a good quality photo of the item before it is packed. This will help with an insurance claim if damaged in transit.

3) Slide the work into plastic bag to prevent moisture damage. Then place it between two pieces of stiff cardboard to prevent damage caused by bending.

4) Place the plastic and cardboard covered work in a sturdy container – I use USPS Priority Mail cartons in their flattened state.  Tape all edges.

5) Insurance:  Better safe than sorry.  When I ship artwork, I insure it for it’s value.  Although I’ve never had a claim, it feels safer to have it.  USPS Priority Mail Shipments automatically come with $50 of coverage.

6) Once the painting or print is received in good condition, I’ll issue the refund.