Weak winter sun brings not so much light as glow to the highest hills at sunrise.  Moonfall - Vermont winter plein air landscape painting by Tony Conner

The moon reflects only enough light to make it barely visible as it slips away on a morning. Within ten minutes of beginning to paint, it was gone.

This painting is both a continuation of the “Light & Landscape” series and a return to the Winter Hundred series begun in 2014.
Obviously, plein air painting during the winter in Vermont will result in many paintings of snow covered hills surrounded and separated by gray patches of forest. This winter has not started out nearly as snowy and cold as last, but the arrival of some arctic cold and minor snow showers have 2015 looking and feeling much like 2014.

As an artist, it might be said that one is always “in process”. Like with with everything else, more practice equals more skill.  More intense practice can often mean an extra boost in skill.  The Winter Hundred was conceived as a self-challenge that would require me to paint everyday with an objective of improving my plein air landscape painting work.  From my own perspective, it very much accomplished that objective.

Morning Sun and Shadows - watercolor plein air landscape painting by Tony Conner

“Morning Sun & Shadow”

Compare this painting “Morning Sun & Shadow”   done on January 28, 2014 with today’s painting. It is a similar scene, with a similar light condition, but done at a different location.  With all due modesty, it is an expressive piece and captures the essence of early light on a winter morning. Yet, in comparison to “Moonfall”, it lacks a bit of subtlety and exhibits some brushwork that lacks deftness.

It’s just this sort of reinforcement that motivates me to take on a challenge like the Winter Hundred or Light and Landscape Series.

Red Dot_Sold copySorry, this painting is sold.