MorningLight Carpenter Hill Road - plein air watercolor landscape painting by Tony Conner “Morning Light From Carpenter Hill Road“,

Painting is 7 1/2 x 11, and matted to a standard size of 11″ x 14″ for easy, low-cost framing. 

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Can the subject of a painting be nothing rather than something?

If it’s the right subject!

Carpenter Hill Road is one of those many unpaved, rural roads in Vermont.  It roughly parallels State Highway 7A south of Bennington, but it must be traveled at a much slower pace. The area of Bennington and the smaller neighboring town of Pownal, Vermont that is traversed by this road is full of paintable scenes. It is one of my favorite local areas to paint and was explored extensively during my Winter Hundred project in 2014, including the paintings “Post Winter Blues“, “Changing Sky, Pownal Valley“, and “The Winter Blues“.

I’ve passed this scene many times in my travels up and down this road. It is at a point where the road dips into a hollow while hugging the low side of this hill. The field is open and stretches up and over into the distance.

On this morning, sunlight was flooding the deep grasses with warm sunlight – it had a tropical look and feel!  The field itself is really un-remarkable and is, in some ways a “negative space”.

I wanted to make the big negative space field – and the sunlight illuminating it – into the main subject. The first task was to maintain the tropical feel with a color palette that included turquoise, violet and some yellow-greens that are a bit too intense for the Vermont landscape in summer! Cool mid-values and darks set off the yellow expanse of field, creating a warm glow over what is the single largest shape in the painting.