Northbound Lanes - en pleiin air landscape watercolor painting by Tony ConnerThere is hardly anything sweeter than a summer morning.

It’s a pleasure just to be outside enjoying the sun, shade, cool breezes and the smell of fragrant summer air.  As a bonus, I get to paint as well!

There are many places that I paint, over and over in my little corner of the world here in Vermont.  Recently, I’ve tried to expand my horizons a bit.  Like “Morning Light From Carpenter Hill Road”, this is a scene I’ve passed many times in my travels.  I’m not sure I ever found it this compelling, which may explain why I have not stopped before now.

Initially, it was the soft blues of the distant mountain that grabbed my attention.  After setting up and taking another look, the quality of the light reminded me of a time later in the year – perhaps September or October.  That contrast really intrigued me and made me wonder if it was possible to create a credible summer painting with light that looked like it was fall.

The other challenge was getting the summer greens right. It is easy to create greens that are unrealistically bright or a scene that has too much of the same color, creating a monotonous look.   My method of avoiding these problems is to mix the greens rather than use tube greens.  In this painting four different blues – cobalt, ultramarine, cerulean and indigo – are combined with three yellows – aureolin, quinacridone gold, and quinacridone deep gold – to create the variety of realistic greens and blue greens, along with a nice variety of value and at realistic intensities.

Painting is 11″ x 15″, and matted to a standard size of 16″ x 20″ for easy, low-cost framing. 

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