Every season holds visual appeal, but I think of autumn as a season of soft light, subtle color and long shadows.

October Dream - watercolor landscape painting by Tony ConnerMost of my landscape paintings are done “en plein air” these days. Being outdoors to paint provides an immediacy of experience that is impossible when in the studio.  En plein air painting is very much an external experience.  The visual impact of a given scene becomes the source of inspiration and filtered through my immediate internal experience.

As my plein air time has increased and become the main source of landscape work, my studio work has changed. Paintings done in the studio are still representational, but are more likely to be statements of purely personal internal experience. Often, the experience flows out through my brush in a torrent, requiring fast, decisive work – perfect for wet-into-wet technique.

Although we’re not quite there yet, the landscape will soon lose summer greens and the bright summer sun. Once peak color has passed, we are left with the more subtle part of the season – faded reds, oranges and yellows casting long shadows in the fading sunlight.

This painting was done all wet-into-wet, with some dry-into-wet technique.  These techniques lend themselves to a soft, dreamy look and feel.


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This painting is 6 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ and matted to a standard size of 11″ x 14″ for easy, low-cost framing. 

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It is my great privilege to sell most of my paintings direct to my buyers – many of whom purchase online. Purchasing direct, online helps me because it saves the cost of  framing, transport, inventory, promotion and gallery commissions. In return, you get a really good deal on a piece of original artwork.

Beyond getting a good deal, you’ll be

–  supporting a working artist

–  enriching your own life by owning a unique creation you can enjoy every day

–  creating a long-lasting legacy for your family

– getting in on the ground-floor of a great investment

Oh, and by the way

– if it doesn’t match the drapes, there is a money-back guarantee!