On a morning that offered dense fog followed by brilliant sunshine, it was hard to know what to expect for the afternoon.

Old Depot Road - en plein air watercolor landscape painting by Tony ConnerIt turned out to be what it often is on autumn afternoons – bright sunshine and long shadows.

The two morning paintings were scenes of Miller’s Pond. By afternoon, the more interesting  scene was on Old Depot Road, the rural, gravel road that winds its way along the Pond.

The scene is very simple, with simple shapes that allow the impact of light and shade to become the star of the show.

Many of my paintings are quite literal depictions of the scenes they represent.

This is not one of those. Instead, this painting is constructed to be an experience of this kind of day. To that end, actual objects were used only as needed, and eliminated if not. Colors were chosen for effect rather than for accurate representation.  My favorite part is the spot of red that represents an early changing tree near the end of the road. Why did I add that – I have no idea….


Red Dot_Sold_smallSorry, this painting is sold.  

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