“Open Fields”  – painting is 15″ x 22″,  framed to 21 x 28

This painting began as a demo for the Colonie Art League in February 2015. The demo itself lasted only 2 hours, so more work was needed in the studio once it was home.

Upland Farm - plein air watercolor sketch by Tony ConnerThe painting is based on a sketch – shown right – of fields and a barn done near Geneva, New York in the fall of 2014. The sketch shows the open, rolling fields in the farming country west of Seneca Lake.  It is beautiful country, west of Seneca Lake, and is dominated by open, rolling fields.  Farm buildings and homes are but dots on the landscape. Their presence is really overwhelmed by the landscape itself. Also, at that time of the year when we are beyond the autumnal equinox, the sun is slowly fading in power as fades toward the winter soltice. On this particular day, the already weakening autumn light was further filtered by clouds.

The theme of the painting was to both capture the sense of openness and to show the effect of sunlight with it’s lower, autumn intensity and with the filtering effect of broken cloud cover.

Nearly all of the painting was done wet-into-wet by flowing washes over large sections of the painting and then working  back in with more and various colors. This particular technique makes it easy to show the soft textures of sky, clouds and farm fields with low growing plants.  The soft textures were important to express the sky and landscape, and also to serve as foils for the hard edges of the barn buildings.

This painting is currently on exhibit at the Grand Summit Hotel at Mt. Snow Resort, West Dover, Vermont.


This Painting Is Available

This painting is 15″ x 22″ and framed in Gold Wood to a size of 21″ x 28″

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