Video Lessons For Painting Clouds

These video lessons show how to paint clouds and skies. They all use easy basic techniques. The first lessons are easier and more accessible. The later lessons are more challenging mostly because of the pace work and the need to be paying attention to the washes and the edges where clouds meet sky. 


Lesson 1 – Wet-In-Wet Technique

You need to be good at this to get good looking skies and clouds with their soft textures and subtle gradations.  

Lesson 2 – Dry-In-Wet Technique

It pays to be good at this as well.  You’ll use this technique especially in the fast paced action in the later lessons. 

Lesson 3 – Easy Clouds

Lesson 4 – Sky With More Clouds

Lesson 5 – Evening Sky

The drawing is easy but here’s a drawing layout to help if you need.

These Are More Challenging!

It’s not the techniques but the focus and pace of work that might make these seem difficult. 

Lesson 6 – Summer Sky Wet-In-Wet

Here’s the drawing layout 

Lesson 7 – Another Summer Sky

Here’s the drawing layout