Painting The Fall Landscape In Watercolor

Fall has several distinct seasons, a range of color from vivid to subtle and beautiful light. Learn to paint this wonderful season in watercolor!

Live Classes On Zoom – 6 to 8pm, Thursdays, September 29 – November 3, 2022

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Thursdays, September 29 – November 3, 2022 – 6 to 8pm

Class Schedule:

Week 1   – Planes of Space, Golden Means and Greens

Late summer and early fall overlap each other from middle to late September.  It is also common to see mist laying in the valleys around the same time. This week we focus on color mixes that work well for early fall, and the basic technique that works well for early morning mist as well as clouds.

Week 2   – Trees and the Early Fall Landscape

Late summer and early fall share a color palette that includes, faded greens, golds, burnt yellows and citron. You had a chance to explore some color mixes last week that will work well for end of summer landscape paintings. This week you’ll get a chance to put some of those colors to use in the pre-class and in-class projects.

Week 3   – Peak Foliage, Shade and Shadow On Light Colors

The bright colors of trees in peak foliage are what we usually think of when painting fall. This week, we’ll do just that.

Week 4   – Past Peak Foliage, Faded and Neutral Colors

Peak foliage doesn’t last long – especially if a wind or rain storm shows up. What’s left behind are increasingly bare trees and colors that fade to browns and neutrals as the season slips away toward winter

Week 5   – The Look and Light of Late Fall

Most of Autumn occurs in the weeks after all the visual excitement of peak foliage. In Vermont it is often referred to as “stick season” and is one of my favorite times of the year for painting. There is no better time to explore the quality of light in paint! Even so, it requires some practice in seeing and translating the weakening sunlight on a faded, neutral landscape. We’ll spend the last two weeks, working on ways to capture both.

Week 6   – Light and Mood

In this final week, we’ll work on two more fall scenes – one in late fall with weak gentle light, the other a moody, rainy day scene.

Class Description

The distinctive characteristic of the Fall Landscape is Color! This class will help you learn to use color for effect while capturing the changing quality of light from early to late fall.


Use this Basic Watercolor Supplies and Materials list as a guide.

We will use Rough paper for some of our projects which is not on the list.  A couple sheets is enough if you don’t already have it.

The fall season stretches over three months that see dramatic changes in color and light. We’ll work with greens, browns, grays, and vivid yellows, reds and oranges.  The suggested colors from the basic materials list will get you started. Suggestions for additional colors will be offered during class.

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About The Instructor

Tony Conner is an accomplished watercolorist and and experienced instructor. His energetic approach to teaching and enthusiasm for the watercolor medium are combined to create classes that are both fun and informative.  He excels at providing information and insights to individual students – meeting them where they are and helping them get to where they want to go.

Professional Memberships

  • Signature Member - New England Watercolor Society
  • Signature Member - Vermont Watercolor Societies
  • Artist Member - Salmagundi Club
  • Artist Member - North Shore Arts Association

Tony works from his studio in Bennington, Vermont.

I've take several workshops, some taught by prominent and well-known artists. Tony's was, by far, the best in it's quality, approach and teaching style. The small class formate facilitated learning.” - Jane C. , Setauket, NY

Of all the instructors I have seen, you are the most informative. Your method of teaching is so easy to follow and absorb. I wish I lived close enough to attend your classes. You are also a very patient, approachable person . All excellent, Tony!” - Catherine M. , Ontario, CN

I have learned more in this two-day workshop, than in all other watercolor classes I’ve taken” - Rita S. , MA

" Thought there was a perfect balance between theory & practice.  The points you wanted to stress were given clearly & concisely.  You are so passionate about your work.  I have come home energized & enthusiastic - which is exactly what I wanted from the workshop.  " - S. H., Saline, MI

"I've taken several watercolor workshops, some taught by prominent and well known artists. Tony's workshop was by far the best in its quality, approach, and teaching style. The small class format facilitated learning." - J. C., Setauket, NY

" Tony is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher who shares with warmth and humor" - J. M, Astoria, NY

" Overall, the three days were amazing. I find myself looking at everything in terms of value. " - A. C., Bloomfield, NJ

"...but, Tony Conner has thought of it all, organized it perfectly, and made it fun and inspiring." - G. B., New York, NY