Painting The Winter Landscape In Watercolor

Online Class

Sundays,  January 9, 2022 to February 13th – 3  to 5 pm Eastern Time

Fee $325

The winter landscape is beautiful, dramatic and surprisingly colorful. We cover it all in this class!

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Online classes include:

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  • Pre-Class “Homework”
  • Video Critique of Pre-Class Work
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More Info Including Class Recording and Weekly Critique Samples.


Class Description

Learn to paint the winter landscape! Class covers important techniques, colors, textures and composition ideas to capture the drama and subtlety of winter.


Use this Basic Watercolor Supplies and Materials list as a guide.

We will use Rough paper for some of our projects which is not on the list.  A couple sheets is enough if you don’t already have it.

The winter landscape has mostly low-intensity colors. We’ll mix many of those from some of the brighter colors on your palette.

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Weekly Class Info

Week 1 – Texture In The Winter Landscape

There are two primary textures in the winter landscape:  soft and rough. Work for this week includes techniques to create these textures and painting projects to practice them. Start with the four video tutorials linked below. Three of them step through four basic watercolor painting techniques, each has a role in creating one or more of these textures.  The forth is a video on creating the three textures with info on what they look like and specific techniques with paint and brush to accomplish each.

Week 1 Class Info Sheet



Drybrush and Lift

Three Basic Textures

Week 2 – Color For The Winter Landscape

Most of the color in winter is low-intensty: grays and browns. We’ll learn mixtures to create colorful neutrals for your winter paintings.

Week 3 – The Winter Sky

Winter skies can be surprisingly colorful. We work with work with techniques and color to create soft and bright winter skies.

Week 4 – Composition For The Winter Landscape

The snow covered landscape creates compositional challenges that can be overcome with good compositon and planning.

Week 5 – Winter Trees

Put your knowledge of color, technique, and composition into practice and learn how to paint winter-bare trees.

Week 6 – The Complete Winter Landscape

Bring it all together in the last class.