March 21, 2014 – “Post Winter Blues”, 7″ x 10″ matted and mounted to a standard size of 11″ x 14″

"Post Winter Blues" - original plein air watercolor painting by Tony ConnerAnother winter-looking landscape for the first full day of spring.

But, with a blue cast. The clouds in the sky, the distant and close mountains all had a blue-gray cast to them on this day.

 This view looks north from Carpenter Hill Road in Bennington and includes both the Green Mountains – closer – and Taconic Mountains – distant. 

The abstract character of this scene was the attractive feature.  On days like this, with heavy overcast and no direct sunlight, finding something else to focus on is the key to developing an interesting composition. The color scheme is essentially a primary triad of blue, yellow and red – albeit low-intensity versions of each.  Though the sky was essentially gray, or blue-gray, there were touches of warmer color, so tints of both yellow and red were added to the sky washes to add warmth.  These colors were echoed in the foreground and middle ground with the yellow fields and the stand of trees with the reddish glow that signals the beginning of the spring budding.

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