Seasons are fluid rather than fixed.
Sometimes we get to look back, sometimes we look forward. Today is a look forward. A bit of snow fell two nights ago. A cold snap has kept it from melting and added a skim of ice on the surface of ponds.
The foreground pond is actually a marsh at the intersection of Trumbull Hill and Holy Smoke Roads in Shaftsbury, Vermont.  If the marsh has a name, I don’t know what it is. Same goes for the rounded hill in the background.
Does anybody know their names?"Preview" - watercolor plein air landscape painting by Vermont artist Tony Conner

It felt like painting the Winter Hundred again.  Although it is a wintry looking scene, there is a good deal of warm color in the background and the middle ground.  Still, cool blues and grays dominate.  This, along with weak sunlight, makes the scene look a lot like January.

Perhaps in January, there’ll be a day that reminds us of November.

Sorry. This painting is sold.