Balmanno Glass


Image size approx. 7″ x 11″

All editions are limited to 50 prints.

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The original painting was the First Prize Winner in the  2010 Billsboro Winery Plein Air Festival Quick Draw.

The painting depicts light and shadow on the side of the glassed-in back porch at historic Balmanno Cottage in Geneva.

There were many paintable scenes in and around the cottage, but two things about this scene captured me:  first was the contrast of warm and cool color in the shade and shadow areas, along with the strong sunlight on the side of the building; second was the the contrast of transparency and reflection in the windows.

On sunny days, a good bit of light is reflected from the ground and other surfaces into shady areas. The effect is surprising in that we expect to see cool grays in shade. But the reflection of warm sunlight changes the grays into warmer neutral colors.  Such was the case on this day.

The other attractive element for me at my viewpoint below the windows was that I could see through the nearest windows, into the porch space, and then out again to sky through the back side windows.  Part of the “seeing through” was obscured by reflections of foliage from trees above and behind me.  It was the same trees that were casting shadows across the side of the building.


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