“Boxing Day” – Archival Limited Edition Glicee’ Art Print


Image size approx. 7″ x 10″

All editions are limited to 50 prints.

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Not only has this winter been mild, it’s been downright warm! As of December 26th – Boxing Day – warm temperature records have been broken all over the eastern part of the country. It is the same here in Vermont.

Usually at this time of year in a panoramic landscape like this,  I’m painting lots of winter gray and brown forests surrounded by vast open fields of snow.  Often I’m looking to the sky for the notes of color to enliven the landscape.

Instead, I’m still painting a landscape rich in late autumn with burnt browns, yellows, oranges and reds.  There is even still some dull, faded green on the open fields.

This painting embraces color on the ground and in the sky.  And adds some subtle drama as the just rising sun lights up some of the highest trees and fields.


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