“Crossroads” – Archival Limited Edition Giclee’ Art Print


Image size approx. 7″ x 11″

All editions are limited to 50 prints.

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What season do you see?

I am captivated by the cycle of seasons and especially those times of transition, when one season is becoming another.  In Vermont, the transition from fall to winter usually occurs before the Winter Solstice. Significant snowfall is common in November during the time that is still autumn, according to the calendar.

This has been an unusual year. Temperatures were well above normal all through fall and have continued that way into this early part of winter.  While searching for a painting spot on this particular early winter afternoon, I found myself confused. This scene, along Cross Hill Road in Shaftsbury, Vermont was attractive but had subtle qualities that could be associated with all four seasons!  Just had to see what could be done with this scene.

Design principles would suggest focusing on the winter season and highlighting those elements that read as one season and subordinating everything else.  Perhaps that would have been a good choice, but the challenge of creating a scene with a mixed seasonal message was too much to resist.

Yet, most every viewer will think it reminds them of one particular season.


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