“End Of Season” – original watercolor landscape painting


The sweeping, quiet rhythm of the fields with a group of farm buildings, seemingly huddled together against the coming winter.

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This watercolor landscape painting was done from two photo references. It is an unusual practice for me, but in this case the combination of the two scenes made for a compelling composition and painting.

The reference photos are from scenes that are near but across the road from each other. The sweeping, quiet rhythm of the fields from the left photo was attractive to me but I felt it needed more focus. Adding the farm buildings and road from the right photo added the point of focus needed.

As is my tendency, the color in the finished painting has been enhanced with additional “chroma” or intensity and the field shapes along with the road enhance the feeling f movement. I’m attracted to both the rhythm and contrast of open fields – both cultivated and uncultivated. As mentioned above, farm fields – after the harvest – and open fields in the time after frost have unique textures. Suggesting these textures is a visual cue as to the season – despite the color that is more expressive than realistic.


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