“Mettowee Morning” – Original Watercolor Landscape Painting


“Mettowee Morning” – approx. 7 1/2″ x 11″, framed to standard size of 11″ x 14″ for easy, low cost framing. 

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Early morning scenes are generally contrasts of warm and cool, light and dark. Often, the first touches of direct light can be seen in thin ribbons of warm colors piercing large swaths of cool and dark.

Such was the case along Rt. 30 in Rupert, Vermont on this fine morning.

What caught my eye was the farm buildings clustered so tightly together yet revealing morning light in different ways. The ones in back were catching the first rays of light. Those in front were still in shadow. The warm-cool contrast was echoed across the ground reminded me of the stripes on an old time woven rug.

In an effort to emphasize the warm-cool and light-dark contrasts, it seemed important to also play color intensities off each other as well. So, I strayed from my usual method of working with 5 or 6 colors and used a full eleven in this one – three different blues, three reds, two yellows and three different neutrals! The variety of color mixtures created lively bright warms and varied range of cool neutrals.



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