“Over The Orchards” – Archival Limited Edition Glicee’ Art Print


Image size approx. 7″ x 11″

All editions are limited to 50 prints.

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“Over The Orchards” 

Light effects are always best early and late in the day.

In this part of Vermont, most towns and villages are snuggled deep into the narrow valley formed by the Walloomsac River.  It can take a while for sunlight to reach into the valley. So if, one is out early enough, the best light show is the one in sky and its impact on the colors in the still shadowy areas on the ground.

This view looks north from Carpenter Hill Road, just above the Southern Vermont Orchards.  A small portion of the orchards can be seen rolling through the right hand side of this painting.

On most winter days, even on bright mornings at sunrise, you expect the usual grays and browns.  The strength and quality of morning light changed all of that, if only briefly.

The sun seems to move very swiftly early in the day.  It wasn’t long after the initial colors were on and the overall light scheme established, that the sun rose above the mountain tops and lit up some of the valley.  Too late to catch in this one.

Guess I’ll have to make a return trip to this spot.


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