Solstice Day – Archival Limited Edition Glicee’ Art Print


Image size approx. 7″ x 10″

All editions are limited to 50 prints.

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“Solstice Day”  

It would have been a monster snow storm! Instead, with temperatures in the low ’50’s it was rain instead of snow.

By this time in December, this part of Vermont can be buried in snow. This year has been unusually temperate so storms that would have left many inches of snow behind, leave a soggy landscape and deep puddles.

On this, the first full day of winter, it was low clouds, rain and a soggy landscape.  While pleasing light effects were missing, rain-soaked landscapes offer color saturation that is unusual in winter.

This scene offered the color saturation as well as subtle color and temperature contrast between the fields and tree lines.

Wet into wet technique dominates and actually helped the painting go fast.

Even without snow, it looks like the first day of winter.


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