Watercolor Studio – weekly watercolor studio classes


Mondays, 9am – 12 noon, January 2 – June 26, 2017

Prepay for 2016-17 Watercolor Studio Sessions – price of $96 includes 4 sessions.


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Who are these sessions for? These classes are designed for those with some watercolor painting experience who wants to make consistent, steady progress with their watercolor painting.

Consistent, applied work and practice is the best way to will help push your work to higher and higher levels of skill.

In this on-going series of studio classes, you’ll work along-side other watercolor painters and with the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Each class will focus on a particular facet of watercolor painting. Our first 4 sessions will be conducted – weather permitting – outdoors, or en plein air, and will focus on techniques used to paint particular elements of the landscape. After that, we’ll move into the studio and work on the skills needed to compose dynamic paintings and create the image of three-dimensional form in our paintings.

Over this series of studio sessions, we’ll learn and practice the techniques and skills that will enable you to master the watercolor medium.



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