Painting is 7 1/2″ x 11″, matted and mounted to 11″ x 14″ for easy, low-cost framing.  Shipping is $6.95 to any US address.

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Depicting Quiet Winter Morning Light In A Landscape Painting

Quiet in sound and quiet in color.

Muffled by cold and snow, the landscape is truly dormant and quiet. The stillness of the air is echoed in quiet visual impression of low-intensity colors.

This particular spot on River Road in West Arlington is where this part of the Battenkill River hugs the edge of the road which itself hugs the foot of a steep hill. It takes the morning sun a long time to penetrate this far. The Quiet - watercolor plein air landscape painting by Tony Conner distant trees do catch morning light. The warm orange light both contrasts and compliments the variety of blues that are found in shadows on the snow and reflections in the river.

The variety of blues in the deep shade at this spot grabbed my attention first. Especially captivating was the difference between the color of blue in the water and the colors of blue in the snow. Water, when it has color, takes it from the objects and space around it by reflecting those colors on it’s surface. This morning, the water was a blue-green hue – almost the color of tropical seas. Yet none of the colors in the spaces around seemed to have the same color – not even the sky. The soft subtlety is perfect for painting in watercolor.

Winter is a tough season to live through – particularly this year. At the same time, it is a visually delightful season where the landscape takes on dramatic contrasts, brilliant light and deep shadow.

Often overlooked are the subtle scenes of muted contrast but just as much visual potency.

All paintings from the Light & Landscape Series are available for purchase at direct-from-the-artist prices. Direct sales save me the cost of framing, transporting, promoting and gallery commissions.