“Rt. 30 Farm” – Watercolor Plein Air Landscape Painting

A cool spring follows a cold winter, but I’m at it again!

It’s still the ugly part of Spring – a lot of rain showers & mud, hardly any green.

Color In The Early Spring Landscape

Still, the opportunity to catch color is there. While green is the color associated with the spring season, it’s actually red that appears first. The buds of many trees and shrubs have a red hue.  Because of this, red and pink provide the first infusions of color in the spring landscape.

This farm is located along the east side of Rt. 30 in Rupert, Vermont and is typical of the farms in this relatively wide valley. It has a lot of open land and several buildings – one of which is a large shelter for the cattle.

There are a couple competing rhythms in this scene that attract me. Not so subtle is the sweeping rhythm of the field with rows of forlorn leftovers sweeping into the middle ground.  Less obvious, but just as important are the rooflines on the farm buildings, their up-and-down rhythm supported by the notes of red and white.

This Painting Is For Sale

The original painting is approx. 7″ x 10″ and is mounted and matted to 11″ x 14″, for easy, low-cost framing.  Cost for Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the US is $6.95

Offered to you direct from the artist online for $225.This special pricing is possible 1) because I don’t have the expense of framing, transport, other costs associated with gallery exhibitions and 2) I can split with you the commission I would normally pay to a gallery.

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