Old Tatko Bros Slate Truck - watercolor sketch by Tony ConnerDid some work in the Slate Valley Museum yesterday, gathering paintings and information for an exhibit in October.  The Museum contains a great deal of interesting information and items from the slate quarrying industry centered around this area of eastern NY and western VT.  One of the items is this 1951 Mack truck that was used by the Tatko Brothers Slate Quarry for many years.  It now resides at the Museum, in un-restored condition – that is to say it shows the wear that comes with many years of hard work .  This is one of two sketches done of the truck itself.

Until being selected for an exhibit, I was unfamiliar with the slate quarrying industry in NY/VT.  The history goes back to the mid-nineteenth century and involves the immigration of many European workers from Wales, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Poland.  Very interesting history of this difficult and often dangerous business.   I recommend a visit to the Museum if you get a chance.

Thanks for looking! More sketches of the day can be found in my “Sketchbook Posts“.
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