Tida lRock With Cormorants - BassRocks, Gloucester MA - watercolor plein air sketch by Tony Conner

More work from my recent visit to Gloucester, MA.  Spent the entire day painting on Bass Rocks, on the 21st.  This area is a rugged, rocky beach and is great for views of pounding and foamy surf.  During my visit, the weather was very mild and the ocean calm.  I arrived on the beach early in the morning and got sketches of early morning light on the tidal rocks and the water at low tide. The first sketch was done while the tide was coming in, but still low.  This large tidal rock seemed to be a gathering place for many of the cormorants that inhabit the area.  In the sketch, there is a good bit of vertical side showing.  As the tide came in, more and more of the sides disappeared until, at high tide, 90% of what is visible in the sketch was under water.

Wave Washing Through The Rocks, Bass Rocks - watercolor plein air sketch by Tony ConnerThis sketch is of a crevice between two large rocks at the edge of the shoreline.  As the tide came in, surf began to wash through the crevice with each wave. This sketch is an attempt to catch the wash of white water flowing through along with the light on the taller of the two rocks vs. the shade on the smaller.

Both sketches were done in an Aquabee watercolor sketchbook.