Bethesda Fountain Statue, New York NY- watercolor plein air painting by Tony ConnerA brief visit to NYC allowed my the time to make this quick sketch of the Angel of the Waters atop Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.  The fountain and the statue have an interesting history and story which you can read here –

Having only about an hour, I set out to capture a quick impression of the statue and the first level of the fountain below with the streams of water falling into the next basin.  At the time of the morning, the statue, as tall as it is was still in shade so there was very little light and few highlights on the dark surface, leaving only subtle value differences marking the folds of the angels robe.  The edges of her wings were showing a little highlight as well.

The color palette for this painting was a multitude of blues and greens.  Notably, I used a good bit of Winsor & Newton Indigo blue to mix the deep gray green of the statue surface.

Thanks for looking! More sketches of the day can be found in my “Sketchbook Posts“.
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