Preparing work for my upcoming exhibit at the Slate Valley Museum, in Granville, New York.  Nearly all the work that will be exhibited is inspired by the slate industry.  While painting in the Granville area yesterday, I discovered this old building very near to the museum.  It is one of many of the homes inhabited by quarry workers.  These days it is painted a bright yellow and has a cheery blue roofs on its three sections.  It had a look that reminded me of a building one might find in one of the Mediterranian countries.

Yellow House With Blue Roofs, Granville NY - watercolor plein air sketch by Tony ConnerThis sketch was done in between work on another painting for the exhibit.  I’ve found that a second work, even a sketch, underway while doing a more “serious” work, keeps me from touching and dabbing at the painting when I shouldn’t.  All watercolorists know that understanding and monitoring the degree of wetness on a watercolor painting is key to avoiding weak and often muddy passages in their painting.  An active second painting or sketch allows me to turn attention between the two works, and avoid overworking and mud!

This sketch was completed mostly with permanent yellow along with cobalt and ultramarine blue, and in and Aquabee sketchbook.

Thanks for looking! More sketches of the day can be found in my “Sketchbook Posts“.
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