Taraden Scene, NorthBenningtonVT - watercolor plein air sketch by Tony Conner

Started this sketch as a quick demo for my workshop students who are here in Bennington (actually North Bennington) for “Sketching and Painting the Outdoor Landscape”.  The point of the workshop and the demo is to use quick sketches as explorations of possible painting compositions.  Sketches allow the artist to get to know the subject, try out different value arrangements and to discover composition problems before investing time, energy and the cost of that expensive piece of paper and paint in a more ambitious work.

The light striking the roof and the shaded dormer roofs behind the gray trunks of birch trees in shade caught my eye so I used this sketch to explore the composition.  It is actually a great example of using a sketch to reveal a flawed compostion.  Although the low intensity color, nice value range and interlocked shapes makes for a nice unified work, there is a major flaw that is revealed in the sketch.  Can you see it?

Thanks for looking! More sketches of the day can be found in my “Sketchbook Posts“.
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