Painting Clouds and Skies in Waterolor - by Tony ConnerI’m often asked during my classes and workshops, to demonstrate how to paint skies and clouds. ¬†They seem to be some of the most difficult landscape elements for many folks.

The good news is that watercolor is tailor-made for this sort of subject. ¬†It’s fluidity makes it easy to create the soft textures found both in the sky and especially in clouds.


Before getting started, keep these things in mind:

– Clouds are mostly soft in texture; think cotton ball

– Although they can have very hard edges, in a painting, it is best to have a variety of edges – hard, soft and rough – with soft dominating and rough being more prominent than hard edges.

– Make the bottoms of most of your clouds FLAT and mostly parallel to the ground plane.

– Use very fluid washes both in the sky and on the interiors of the cloud shapes.