February 19, 2014 – “Studio Objects II”, 7″ x 10″

Studio Objects II - watercolor still life painting by Tony ConnerSame objects, different day.  Outside the snow was falling again on a cloudy, gray day.

But, with yesterday’s still life still sitting on the table, it was easy to remove a couple, add a couple more, change my point of view and dive in again. Still the emphasis is on reflection and transparency. The bottle in the left foreground is an interesting, molded glass bottle that was received as a gift. It is an interesting light green color and, being very transparent and reflective, changes color as the objects around it change. As to adding color, I brought in a couple golden yellow cloth napkins – one is under the near objects, the other can be seen, still folded in the background.

It was a bit of a challenge to capture the subtle changes in color and value created by the fold lines in the cloth.  By contrast, the dramatic value changes shown in the reflections of both the box and the silver cup required bold handling Рmore in keeping with my normal technique and approach.

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