We think that what follows fall is winter.
But it’s not true.  What follows fall is a season of it’s own. A peaceful time of warmth and splendor, fading color and fading light.

Bright foliage against bare trunks and limbs becomes more brilliant by contrast.

We stop, stare and catch our breath – it always takes us by surprise.

This view looks north along West Road in North Bennington, Vermont, near historic Park-McCullough House.  On this November afternoon, the maple trees on the The Last Glow - watercolor plein air landscape painting by Tony Connerright side of the road were still full with bright yellow leaves.  November sun is not bright, but it was enough to nicely highlight the bright leaves and provide contrast with the warm grey of the bare trees.

Although it often occurs to me, it is rare that I actually take photos while the painting is in process. In this case I did!  Follow the step-by-step painting process here.
Red Dot_Sold copySorry, this painting is sold.