"Walloomsac October Morning" - watercolor plein air landscape painting by Tony ConnerVentured out on a cloudy, late autumn morning yesterday.  On cloudy days with very little direct sunlight, I tend to gravitate toward rivers and streams as their reflective surfaces can serve as the “light” in the painting.  This painting is of the Walloomsac River in North Bennington, Vermont.  On this particular morning, the river was running slowly and quietly and with little surface action but enough movement to turn reflections into general suggestions of the sky and terrain.

This time of year is very pleasant here in Vermont.  While it can be chilly if not down right cold, it is still rather mild.  With most leaves down, tree lines take on a gray color and the shapes of tree trunks fade easily into the background.  There is still a surprising amount of green in parts of the landscape although it is subdued and mixes with the burnt yellows and oranges of the fallen leaves.  This part of the year – after the leaves fall – can be under appreciated, since it follows the exuberant joy of peak foliage season. But, it has a quiet serenity and subtle beauty all it’s own. For a landscape painter the play of grays and low-intensity colors is both a joy to see and a challenge to re-create.


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