February 27, 2014 – “”Approaching Squall”

Approaching Squall - watercolor plein air painting by Tony ConnerFirst, a confession – I often do more than one painting in a day, but post them on separate days. The practice makes sense in a couple ways – it makes more efficient use of my ‘plein air’ time and it provides some cover for the days that I am unable to get out to paint.

This is one of those “extras”.  It was actually  painted yesterday, within in an hour of painting “First Touch of the Sun“.  Compare the two and you’ll have a better understanding of the famous Mark Twain quote “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a few minutes.”

On finishing the earlier painting, I moved on to Horton Hill Road – about two miles, at most, as the crow flies, from my spot on Harrington Road. As I was driving along, I spotted an approaching snow squall.  It was so active and dense that it was obscuring the distant hills. And it was moving rapidly in my direction from the northwest.  Having painted the earlier work from the front seat of the car, everything was all set up and ready.  A quick sketch on the paper and then quick work with the brush captured, distant landscape as it appeared through the squall.

Then it was hurry up and wait.  The squall overtook me and became so heavy that I could not see even the closest tree line for about 15 minutes. As it passed, the painting received finishing touches.