February 4, 2014 – “Corner House “, 7″ x 10″

Corner House - watercolor painting by Tony ConnerThe calm before the storm. A major snowstorm is forecast for tomorrow, but today it seems almost like spring.

I see this scene often since it is a house that is more or less behind mine, on the next street over. This side is the south side of the house. On sunny days, it catches a lot of light and has great shadows cast by mature trees.   Often I’ve thought that scene should be painted.  Finally it has!

Well, it’s still winter, but we’re nearly halfway through. The sun has gained a good bit of strength since the winter solstice. On a clear day like this one, it’s light looks spring-like.  Even so, the color in the scene was still mostly muted. Even the house is painted a very light beige.  Instead of using my normal winter browns and grays, I decided to change up the mixtures a bit – just for variety.  The beige of the house and browns of the foreground are mainly Lukas (as opposed to Winsor & Newton) Cerulean Blue and another Daniel Smith product, Burgundy Yellow Ochre (as opposed to Raw Sienna).  A good many of the darks – in the tree trunks and roofs – is a mixture of ultramarine blue and cadmium red light.

This painting is 7″ x 10″ and is matted and framed to a size of 11″ x 14″. Shipping to any US address is $6.95.

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