March 19, 2014 – “Fields & Sky – Coulter Road”


Clear skies were giving way to more and more clouds as I set up for this early morning painting.

There was a lot of movement in the sky. Although it is impossible to have elements move physically in a painting of an instant captured in time, it is possible to create the feeling of movement with the elements that are included in the painting.

In this case, the upper most clouds begin at the upper right and work diagonally down to the left. Some thinner clouds begin there and run diagonally back to the right. From there, the eye cans step through the alternate light and dark spaces created by the long purple cloud near the horizon and then down to the hillside in the middle right.  The hillside, which is evidently an actively farmed field, shows stripes created by alternate areas that still have snow and areas that do not. The stripes sweep down from the right and back to the left.  This gentle and subtle rhythm creates a sense of movement and animation in a quiet scene.