March 16, 2014 – “Morning Sky From Hogback Mountain”, 7″ x 10″

"Morning Sky From Hogback Mountain" - original watercolor plein air watercolor painting by Tony ConnerAnd some come together very quickly!

Hogback Mountain is a well known geographic feature of Southern Vermont and a particular hazard for drivers on Rt. 9 in the winter.  There is an overlook along the road from which it is possible to see over 100 miles – in the right  weather conditions.

I happened to be passing Hogback, just after sunrise and got this great sky view.  I don’t know if I was actually seeing more than 100 miles, but a great view anyway.

The painting actually came together very quickly, as they do sometimes.  The sky, which is the main feature of the painting and takes up most of the picture plane, was accomplished in one session – if not one pass. The background blue went in first, with warm yellows and reds at top and bottom.  while the passage was still clouds in the middle and lower part of the sky were added using the same colors, mixed a bit differently.

The distant mountains are a series of basic flat washes, layered over each other.

This painting currently on exhibit at The Skinny Pancake, 60 Lake St. Burlington, VT 05401

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