Watercolor Methods”

Three Day Workshop  – Fee $295

The workshop to take to dramatically improve your watercolor painting quickly!

Three-day workshop that focuses on the important basics of technique and design that will improve your watercolor painting right away!

Small workshop size with a hands-on instructor equals rapid learning and improvement. 

Who is this class for? This workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their watercolor painting quickly! Learn to paint with both looseness and control and the basic design principles that will strengthen your paintings right away.  Suitable for all levels of skill – from beginners on.

What you’ll learn in this workshop:

This three-day transparent watercolor painting intensive was developed especially to address the most common problems for those learning to paint watercolor.  Watercolor is uniquely beautiful and and has a set of unique working characteristics that make it different from any other medium – and a bit trickier as well.

On our first day, we’ll discover the techniques required to create the loose flowing washes, subtle minglings and vibrant transparency that is the key to its appeal. We’ll learn to use and manage the water and paint to best advantage with two basic but vitally important techniques – wet-into-wet and dry-into-wet. We’ll also practice two others – the lift and the drybrush technique.  Together, these four techniques will take you as far as you want to go.

The second day focuses increasing your chance to create a successful watercolor painting.  Watercolor is not easily fixed, so planning for success is imperative. We’ll cover simple principles for powerful compositions and learn to create dynamic shapes of light, dark and mid-value for maximum effect.

On the third day, we’ll apply the techniques and composition ideas. You’ll mostly work on your own with help and guidance from the instructor.

We’ll have three busy but fun days.  My workshops are very flexible and interactive. Questions are encouraged. We’ll work on some exercises together and some we’ll work separately but with plenty of guidance.  We’ll end each day with a gentle review of the days work.

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Suggested Materials: I recommend a basic set of watercolor materials for this class. Download from my website using the link below.

Click here to download a comprehensive list of basic watercolor materials and supplies




The Cranford workshops are held at  The Artist Framer, 17 North Ave E, Cranford, New Jersey.

About the Instructor

Tony Conner is an accomplished watercolorist and and experienced instructor. His  energetic approach to teaching and enthusiasm for the watercolor medium are combined to create classes that are both fun and informative.  He excels at providing information and insights to individual students – meeting them where they are and helping them get to where they want to go.

Professional Memberships

  • Signature Member – New England Watercolor Society
  • Signature Member – Vermont Watercolor Societies
  • Juried Artist Member – Salmagundi Club
  • Artist Member – North Shore Arts Association

Tony works from his studio in Bennington, Vermont.