Watercolor Painting Methods

Workshop Fee – Each Session $195

Long believed to be a difficult medium, it is often its unique working characteristics and processes that cause frustration when painting in watercolor.

Who is this class for? If you are a beginning watercolor painter or simply find watercolor difficult,  frustrating and mysterious, this workshop is for you.

What you’ll learn in this class:

Important, but often overlooked, fundamental watercolor painting techniques.

The “secret” to creating glowing, transparent washes.

Understanding and effectively mixing your colors.

The basics of tonal value and value composition.

How to plan and compose your painting for success.


The first day begins with a focus on the fundamentals of creating and managing those all-important loose, flowing and transparent washes. Then we’ll look at a handful of common and useful colors and, especially, how to mix them effectively. We’ll finish the day by creating one or two new paintings.

The second day focuses on basic design considerations: what to do and and what to avoid. Watercolor paintings often come out best when we spend some time planning before beginning.  We’ll look at an easy and fun way to explore compositions before jumping into a new painting.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a handle on all of the important, and often overlooked, watercolor basics as and a good knowledge of basic design and composition.

Suggested Materials: I recommend a basic set of watercolor materials for this class. Download from my website using the link below.

Click here to download a comprehensive list of basic watercolor materials and supplies




September 23 & 24, 2017

These workshops meet at Taraden Arts, 183 Park Street, North Bennington,

Note: there is a Park Street in Bennington, Vermont, the larger town to the south. If you are using GPS, make sure it recognizes 183 Park Street NORTH BENNINGTON. Else you will get lost and be delayed!



October 21 & 22, 2017

The Cranford workshops are held at  The Artist Framer, 17 North Ave E, Cranford, New Jersey.

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