Watercolor Painting Demonstration, 1 to 3pm, Sunday, February 25th, Guild of Boston Artists, 162 Newbury Street, Boston, MA

It was an honor to have been invited to demonstrate my watercolor painting technique in conjunction with the New England Watercolor Society’s Annual Signature Members Show.

Gathering Tide - watercolor seascape painting of rocks and ocean by Tony ConnerThe finished demo, titled “Gathering Tide”, is shown at left. It is based on a location at Bass Rocks – also referred to as the Back Shore – in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  I have painted this scene, and this particular outcropping many times. It is a rugged coastline of rocks with an orange color. Most times, I paint them an orange hue in keeping with their actual appearance. This demo was partially focused on painting with the challenging pigment of Cerulean Blue.  It’s a favorite of mine and gets included in just about every one of my paintings – even if only in small amounts.  It’s also considered to be one of, if not the most difficult, watercolor pigments to work with.

With a dominance of Cerulean, the overall painting would have a cool cast so the orange cast of the rocks was diminished, allowing it to become a warm contrast to the rest of the cool blues and blue grays.

To be sure, Cerulean is a unique pigment with an unusual working character. It’s opacity and density causes it to behave differently than most any other pigment and certainly in unexpected ways.

Cerulean Study - watercolor still life painting by Tony Conner

The painting I’m exhibiting in this show is a still life that features Cerulean Blue – in fact, it’s titled “Cerulean Study” – shown at right.  The subject of the painting is a hand-thrown bowl with a turquoise glaze – a perfect use for Cerulean Blue.

More often though, I find Cerulean most useful for seascapes, especially misty or evening scenes.

The demo takes place on Sunday, February 25th, 2018 from 1 to 3pm. The location is the Guild of Boston Artists, 162 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts.