Online Watercolor Painting Class

May 16, 2020 – 4pm to 6pm

Paint Tulips in A Glass Vase

In this painting project, we’ll paint a watercolor of some tulips in a simple glass vase on a table. As with all classes, we’ll use basic watercolor techniques to create a great look.

The subject happens to be tulips, but we’ll also want to capture the gentle light that is falling on the bouquet and table top.

Showing light in a painting is best accomplished with good contrasts of light and dark – or value – areas in the right places. We’ll work on that in this project.
It can be difficult to get really dark areas in watercolor. One of the best ways to make sure you do is with a value scale. You may already have one of those commercial value scales that are often included with color wheels. It’s easy to create an abbreviated, five-step scale that will work just fine. Click here for a short video on how to create a five step value scale –

This class will be a bit of a challenge for beginners, but we’ll take it step-by-step so everyone should be able to follow along.

What you’ll need:
The scene layout drawn on watercolor paper.

There is a drawing layout available to trace onto your paper. Download a copy of the drawing layout here – h

The paper size is about 7″ x 11″. I recommend Arches 140lb Cold Press paper. It has some great qualities that will help you work with and control the wet, fluid washes that are essential to successful watercolor painting. We’ll talk more about the paper during class.

Colors of Watercolor Paint needed:
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Viridian ( a shade of green)
Lemon Yellow
Raw Siena
Cobalt Blue

You’ll want to use your largest flat and round brushes. More about brushes and brush size during class.

Also have:
Rags for blotting the brushes, water containers (I use two, one for clean water, the other to rinse and get dirty), a hair dryer

Download a comprehensive list and description of recommended supplies and materials here –

Suggested Materials: I recommend a basic set of watercolor materials for this class. Download from my website using the link below.

Click here to download a comprehensive list of basic watercolor materials and supplies


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