March 14, 2014 – “A Glass Vase”, 7″ x 10″

A Glass Vase - watercolor still life painting by Tony ConnerAnother invisible object, made visible by the objects around it.

This is one of my wife’s vases.  It has an bulb shaped body  and a flared opening at the top. It shape is formed with rounded facets, so that reflections and refractions become even more interesting and distorted. I wanted to have a straight horizontal edge running behind the vase so that it would be visible, although distorted, by the shape of the vase and facets.

What I chose was a photo in a black frame.  I set it on a small standing easel.  The photo is a not often seen section of the New York skyline taken from about 59th Street and 9th Ave.  My family and I were there for a short vacation at Christmas time in 2008 – the photo was take from our hotel room on a snowy morning.

I was surprised at how little the vase distorts the straight edge of the frame, but highly distorts the left side of the photo.   Like yesterday’s post,  the white background and the white mat around the picture are both tinted with a combination of one cool and one warm color.

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