March 15, 2014 – “Honey & Fig Jars on Table”, 7″ x 10″

"Honey & Fig Jars on Table" - original watercolor still life painting by Tony Conner

Both of these clear jars are beautiful in their simplicity.  Crystal clear glass, well formed and without flaws.  In contrast to yesterday’s post, these two actually distort the objects behind very little.  The biggest challenge with these, is in identifying and showing the thin reflections at the edges. Otherwise, the objects themselves will not be visible.

I’m not sure why honey jars have the raised oval shapes on the corners, but this particular size glass honey jar – holds two pounds of honey, I believe – is very common. I actually have about five of them in the studio and use them to hold various small objects.

Anyway, those glass “chevrons” are interesting and somewhat difficult because they reflect and refract light differently than the simple glass sides.  One set of the chevrons is clearly visible in this painting.  They stood out from the others because they are silhouetted by the remains of a label on a face at the back.

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