March 10, 2014 – “Studio Glass”, 7″ x 10″

"Studio Glass" - watercolor still life painting by Tony Conner

Did I say winter is coming to an end?

It is, but for today and the next few days, it’s back – nothing but clouds and gloom outside today.

Which is just fine. It was in the plan to do a week of painting glass objects, so this will be that week. As with the “studio objects” series a couple weeks ago, this painting, is a group of objects gathered together from the special objects – junk and chotchkys, according to my wife – that have accumulated.

In this case, the grouping includes only transparent glass objects. I set them up in front of one of the studio windows and actually included a bit of the scene in the backyard. Two of the objects are clear glass, two are very light green and the tall vase is, obviously, deep cobalt violet.

In all, a scene with very low intensity color – except for the vase.  Even though it sits in the background it is the focal point because it dominates the scene through size and color intensity. Like the series from a few weeks ago, a nice change of pace from landscape painting.  Looking forward to a week of looking through the glass!