February 18, 2014 – “Studio Objects”, 7″ x 10″

"Studio Objects" - watercolor still life painting by Tony ConnerAnother gray winter day – snow falling, gray skies, no light.  A good day for indoor watercolor work!

I suppose every artists studio has a collection of objects – some common, others not – that can be used for quick sketches and still life set ups.  I’m partial to reflective and transparent things so, mine has lots of those kinds of things.

For this painting, I grabbed a few of those things, gathered and placed them in what seemed and interesting arrangement, and jumped in.   Two of my favorite studio subjects are in this work – the large ‘chrome’ box in the center and the small ‘chrome’ cup in the foreground.  Both are strongly reflective of everything around them and just about everything in the room as well.  They are both a joy and a challenge to paint!

I’ve enjoyed working on this subject, and will probably stick with similar set ups for a bit – if for no other reason than to let the landscape take on a different character before I head back out.

This painting has been included in the Vermont Watercolor Society’s Annual Juried Members Exhibit.  The exhibit includes the work of 30 members of the Vermont Watercolor Society and will be on display September 21 – October 13, 2014 at the Hunter Gallery of Fine Art74 Main St, Grafton, VT 


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