“Watercolor Studio” – Every Monday, Sep 19, 2016 – Jun 26 – 2017 9am – noon – North Bennington, Vermont

Join a small group of watercolor painters for individual work and guided instruction

Consistent, applied work and practice is the best way to will help push your work to higher and higher levels of skill.

In this on-going series of studio classes, you’ll work along side other watercolor painters and with the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Each session will focus on a particular facet of watercolor painting. Sometimes we’ll re-discover an important fundamental technique. Other times, we’ll take a look at important concepts in color, value and composition.

Over this series of studio sessions, we’ll learn and practice the techniques and skills that will enable you to master the watercolor medium.

This series of studio sessions meets at the Taraden Gallery Barn, located at 183 Park Street, North Bennington, Vermont.

Note: there is a Park Street in Bennington, Vermont, the larger town to the south. If you are using GPS, make sure it recognizes 183 Park Street NORTH BENNINGTON. Else you will get lost and be delayed! 

Taraden Gallery Barn

Who are these sessions for? Anyone with some watercolor painting experience who wishes to make consistent, steady progress with their watercolor painting.

What you’ll learn in this class: We’ll cover a number of concepts important to watercolor and to painting in general, including

  • Important, but often overlooked watercolor fundamentals
  • Expert color mixing and color composition
  • Tonal value and making the most of your value composition.
  • Advanced watercolor techniques

These are “drop-in” sessions – limited to 10 students at a time.


Single Session Cost is $30 per session. Pre-pay at least 4 session for 20% less – $24 per session.


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