West River Near South Londonderry - watercolor plein air landscape by Tony Conner


View of the West River which flows through the middle of the state.  In this area, the river flows through territory which is heavily forested.  In August 2011, Tropical Storm Irene dumped heavy rain on the steep mountainsides of Vermont and turned the West River, along with many others into raging torrents.

On this particular July day, the river was its quiet, gentle flowing self. With little direct light from the high overcast in the sky, the best light effect was the light reflecting off of the rippling water and creating subtle contrasts between the tops and sides of the bolders.

Another striking feature of this painting is the amount of green color. A painting with a large amount of green can seem make the landscape seem overdone.  The solution is to use a variety of greens – to avoid monotony – and to keep most of the greens at a low intensity level.

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